Healthy Me for Adolescents

Many people think that being healthy is the same thing as being thin, when actually being healthy has to do with your entire person. Weight is just one of many parts to your health. Being healthy means that you do things every day to take good care of your body, like exercising and eating well, but that’s not all! Being healthy also has to do with your mind, your emotions, your self-esteem, and with your relationships.

If you’d like to work on becoming a healthier you, click below to create your Healthy Me Profile. Once you have done that, you will have the chance to complete several activities that will help you on your journey towards becoming healthy. Each activity will only take a few minutes! After you finish an activity try some of the healthy things you learned about and then come back again in about 7 days to try new activities. Think about telling a friend, family member, doctor or school nurse about what you learn.